Gone but not Forgotten
Zen, you were my best friend since the first day I saw you! You were my rock when times were hard, and my confidant when everything around me went silent, you seemed to hear my thoughts.  Your kind and gentle nature never failed to shine through. I miss you still. 
Shamu, I wish I had gotten to spend more time with you!  You were a complete love.  Your family treated you well and you could tell it in the way you responded to other people.  Though you never stayed with me, I did so enjoy the time we spent together :-)  Thinking of you tonight....

Champion of Russia Mastif Hill Zenit
Int'l Ch Dandylion's Datz-A-Shamu
Venus-Beaute Brullemail
Venus, you were loved by so many! There was never a person that spent time with you that didn't truly enjoy you.  Though you started life somewhere else, the 4years I spent with you were like we had always been together!  I am so pleased I got to have you with me for so long.  You were playful and kind until the day you left us.  Our heart will always be Shared with you.