CH Korosdombi Lyon
World Winner 2006 Poznan, Poland  Best Male

World Champion 2005
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Grand Father to our Zen  "Mastiff Hills Zenit"
The World Champion 2005, CACIB, BM, BOB...  World Dog Show 2006, Poznan, Poland - 2X WORLD CHAMPION, Best Male, CAC, CACIB, Champion of Poland 

 CRUFTS-2006 Res Dog, Champion Class Winner  2007 3rd place

Eurasia-2007 - 1st day: Champions class winner, Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB;
2nd day: Champions class winner, Best Male, Best of Breed,CAC, CACIB

International Dog Show in Dortmundt, Germany: Champions class winner, Best Male, CACIB, Ch VDH
The Champion of England 2006
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Championship Show CC, Best Male
South Wales Kennel Association Dog Show winner, Wales, Great Britain CC, Best Male, Best of Breed
CACIB Rank Dog Show In Bruxelles, Belgium - CAC, CACIB, Best Male
The French Annual Open Dog Show-2006 (Le Bourge) CAC, CACIB, Best Male
The Finland National Mastiff Dog Show Winner - Best Male, Best of Breed, 5th rank at Molosser's Best
The Russian National English Mastiff Club TOP 2006
Mastiff'2006 Russian National Mastiff Dog Show Winner - Best Male, Best of Breed 
Eurasia'2006 1st day - CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Best of Breed; 2nd day - CAC, CACIB, Best Male
Championship Of Finland And Nordix Winner Dog Show, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB, Ch Finland
Continental European Dog Show 2005 In Charleroi, Belgium, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2nd group Best 4th rank
Swiss CACIB rank Dog Show in Lausanne, CACIB, the Champions Class winner, CAC, BM, BOB, BIG, BIS
The winner of France National English Mastiff Dog Show'2005, BM, CC, BOB, BIS
Grand Champion of Russia
The Champion of Russian National Mastiff Club'2005, BM, CC
The winner of "RUSSIA'2005" Dog Show, CACIB, BM, BOB
The winner of "Baltic Winner" Dog Show'2005, 2nd FCI Group Best - 4th rank
The Champion of Luthuania'2005, CACIB, BM, BOB
The Champion of Argentina'2005, 3-CACIB, BM, BOB
The Champion of Europe 2005, CACIB, BM
2-CACIB, BM, BOB in Austria in 2004-2005
2-CACIB, BM, BOB in Slovakia in 2004-2005
CACIB, BM, BOB in Holland in 2005
The Champion of Luxembourg 2005
The Champion of Denmark 2005
The winner of "Russia" mastiff breed show'2005, BM, CCC, BOB
The Champion of Russia 2005
The Champion of National Mastiff Club of Hungary 2004
The winner of The Championship of Champions 2004
The Champion of Hungary 2004
6-CACIB in Hungary, 2002-2004
Champion of Russia, England, Poland, Finland, Luthuania, Argentina, Europe, Luxemburg, Denmark, Hungary, and International