Rowdie would like to Congratulate his sister on her new Champion title!
This Weekend Rowdie's sister Rose took Best of Opposite Sex completing her AKC Championship!! Congratulations to breeder/handler/owner Tanya Woody for your new champion!! Brother is very proud!!

Sarge takes Best of Breed in Ottumwa, Ia
On this weekend Saturday AND Sunday our Boy Salem Moon's Hearts on Fire took Best of breed both days in Ottumwa, Iowa for two 3 point majors! Tanya Woody Handled him Fabulously and his new owner Stephanie of Dowdy Farms has really kept him loved up and looking great!! On Saturday Judge Mr Thomson P Standfield Jr Awarded Sarge.. he was very funny and so patient with all the dogs in the ring, and Sunday Kind Mannered Mr Steven D Gladstone Awarded Sarge BOB. Loved the judges both days! Awesome weekend!!

Porsche wants to congratulate her brother Phillip for taking BOB at the Bucks on Saturday!
with well over 100 mastiffs in the ring Ch Eastwinds Ivory Touche' Took Best of Breed at Bucks! He is a son of Ivory's Jack of all Trades as is our girl Porsche! She sends her sweetest congrats! (and don't forget neice Ivy! Great job to all involved! Gorgeous boy!

Dark Girl Takes her class at the Bucks/Trenton show!
The Bucks / Trenton shows are some of our biggest turn outs for mastiffs and this year was no exception! With well over 100 mastiffs entered.. even taking your class is important! and I am happy to announce that our girl Salem Moon's Gift 4 Zoodog took her class 2 out of 3 days! She is co owned by zoodog kennels own Marcelo Assad and should be returning home to him soon :-) Great job! Carrie Klaiber was exceptional as always in handling her! Thankyou to the judges and to Carrie.. for making me and Marcelo so proud.. and I am sure Dark Girl is holding her head a little higher too!

Sarge went BOB again!
Sorry didn't update posts! Grove Oklahoma was a great show weekend for Sarge! Taking Best of Breed in 3 of the 4 days there! Thankyou Shannon Drake for showing him for me and thankyou to the judges for allowing us this wonderful victory!

Sarge goes BOB!
Today in Grove Ok our boy Sarge took BOB under Judge James E. Noe. Thankyou to Shannon Drake for handling him so wonderfully!! And thankyou Mr Noe for seeing promise in our young boy Sarge!!

Congratulations to our boy Salem Moon's Hearts on Fire! "Sarge"
In Grove Oklahoma our boy Sarge (Lazy D's Cooper x Salem Moon's Pride of Sonora) took BOS With Shannon Drake handling! Thankyou Shannon for all your efforts! IT was a good first day.

Rowdie sends out a huge congratulations to 2 of his sisters this weekend!!
On January 24th, 2014 Bluegrass Diamonds are Forever took a 3 point major taking Winners Bitch in St. Louis Missouri. At the same show Rowdie's other sister, Bluegrass Destined To Win Took the major on the 25th! Congrats to Tanya Woody of Bluegrass for the win, this was a fine breeding.. and thankyou Boros Bajnok Kennel in Hungary for Rowdie's Lovely Daddy!!

Congratulations to Max's Nephew and Pascal Tirelli and Whititera Mastiffs !!
Junior Champion Lux Horaccio de Whititera for your accomplishments in the European Dog show! One of the most prestigious dog shows in all of europe!! Congrats to his handler/owner Pascal Tirelli

European Dog Show 2014 in Brno
RCAC & 2nd in Open Class only 24 months

JCH Lux Horaccio de Whititera (BIS/EUW'13/CHIB Chaputepek Everyday Hero x Crashell Princess Georgia)

We have moved!
We are excited to enter a new chapter at Salem Moon Mastiffs. We have moved near my most awesome Uncle and my mom and lots of family members.. the change has been fantastic! Look for new pictures in new settings.. not so far.. probably same shows.. lol

Great job !!
Sunday july 6th, under James E Fredrickson salem moon's under duress took best of winners handled by Shannon Drake and my SON justice Moon.. thankyou .. you guys did great!! Her daughter, Salem Moon's Precious Cargo for Zoodog took Reserve, and Salem Moon's Cheatoes took Best of breed!! Great day!! Thanks to all

Go Cheatoes!
Saturday july 5thth, Salem Moon's Cheatoes took best of opposite sex. handled Tanya Woody.. thankyou!!

Congrats Justice and DeeDee!!! Love you both!!
I am so very pleased to announce that today on July 4th, 2014 Salem Moon's Under Duress Went To HER VERY First Show Where she took winners bitch, best of winners, and Best Opposite Sex for a 4 point major! Was so very proud of her! Icing on the cake it was also my son's first showing debut and he was handling her! So very Proud of you JusIice! You were so cool and collected i wish i had your nerve and confidence! Love you! Thank you to Mr Thomas Nesbitt for being an amazing judge and being patient and educational in my son's first experience showing he is so excited to continue showing and in large part it was attributed to the care of the judge who built that memory in the ring, not by the win but by the kindness they show while teaching.. Thank you again. And thank you Tanya Woody for All YOUR Help Making This Weekend possible you are Mrs "get r done" and I am greatful for you and for all you have done this week end for us wouldn't have been possible without you! Awesome day!! Happy 4th everyone!!

Congrats to Bluegrass Deez Wild Liz Taylor on your championship!
Congrats to Champs sister in earning her AKC Championship!! Look for her other sister to get her championship very soon!!

Champs Mother is a new Champion!!
Congratulations Bluegrass Mastiffs on your championship for Bluegrass Queen of the Gods! On March 29th, in Dewitt IA under judge Mr Gunn, Juno earned her AKC championship title! Congrats! again her daughter, our Champ is very proud of her mama.

Cheatoes is now a Grand Champion!
Thankyou Tanya Woody for handling Cheatoes to her Grand championship! Today in Ks City, Mo.. Our girl Salem Moon's Cheatoes took Select bitch for a 4 point major under judge Mr Robin L Stansell. Thankyou so much Tanya for getting Cheatoes to her grand championship.. and thankyou Robin for making today a great day!

Champs mama took Best of Winners!!
Congratulations to Tanya Woody on your win in Columbia, MO with your girl, Bluegrass Queen of the Gods!! Champ is very proud of her mother!!

Cheatoes Wins Best of Breed
Tanya Woody and Ch Salem Moon's Cheatoes did it again!! Taking Best of breed in Columbia, MO under judge Prof Douglas C Taylor! Thankyou Judge Douglas C Taylor for making our day, and Tanya Woody for handling our Cheatoes with such grace!

Cheatoes is back in action!!
Today, in Columbia, MO Under Judge Mr Joseph Napolitano our girl Salem Moon's Cheatoes took BOS. Handled for the first time under Tanya Woody.. she shined! Tanya, thankyou so much for taking great care of our girl.. and all you do! Thankyou Judge Joseph Napolitano for seeing quality in our girl Cheatoes!

Salem Moon's Pride of Sonora had 6 beautiful puppies!!
On December 25th, 2013, Our girl Salem Moon's Pride of Sonora (co-owned by Roger Clay) had her very first litter. Sire is Lazy D's Cooper at Limerick, son of the very accomplished Lazy D's Southern Gentleman, (Rhett of Lazy D's). Merry Christmas! The puppies are under the care and direction of Roger and Kris Clay, but we have kept one of these special guys! We introduce to you, Salem Moon's Hearts on Fire. We have been blessed to be able to watch her boy Sarge grow up with her! Thankyou Roger and Kris for being such a great Partnership! I have enjoyed you guys!! Wait for him (and his brother and sister kept by Roger and Kris) in the ring!!

Congratulations Lucy!!
Today in Myrtle Beach South Carolina under Judge Mr Charles L Olvis Shadowhill I Love Lucy Too took WB for a 3 point Major! Judge Charles L Olvis for making the day wonderful, and thankyou Amanda Guzman of Shadow Hills Mastiffs for the breeding and for a great friendship!

Cheatoes is taking a break!
After a long winning streak Cheatoes will come home for some family time.. expect her back out again soon :-)

Congrats Cheatoes on todays BOS!
Today is the final day of showing in Shreveport, LA and Salem Moon Cheatoes has won every day there! She took her Champion title the first day, making after 4 major wins in a row...then on to Grand Champion, she took three wins in a row for 13 points towards her 25 points needed to become a grand champion, and 2 champion defeats down out of 3 needed for her grand championship! That is 7 major shows in a row winning and getting points toward her Grand Champion!!! We are so proud of Cheatoes!! and thankful to Jennifer Bittner and Judge Mr James R White for seeing the quality in our girl!! :-)

Congrats to Cheatoes and Whatever!!!!
On April 21st, in Shreveport, LA, under judge Dr Steve Keating Salem Moon's Cheatoes is now on her second day as a champion and took Select Bitch with a champion defeat! On the same day Salem Moon's Whatevers Clever took Winners Bitch for her second 5 point major!! Today was a good day for Salem Moon Mastiffs!

Cheatoes working on her grand champion now!!!
Hold on to your hats!! Our girl has done it again!!! On April 20th, Salem Moon's Cheatoes took Best opposite sex to a 5point major in Shreveport, LA!! She is now working on her grand Champion title and has 5 points out of 25 toward that along with 1 out of 3 champion defeats... Woohoo! So proud of her! and Salem Moon's Whatever's Clever went reserve! Thankyou handler, Jennifer Bittner and judge Mr Garry K Newton! Hooray!

Cheatoes is a new champion!!
Wow!! On April 19th, our very own Salem Moon Cheatoes took Best Opposite Sex for a 5 point major!! This is her 4th consecutive major win making her a new Champion!!!! Pictures to follow :-). Thankyou Jennifer Bittner for handling her, and judge Mr Vincent Grosso for making our girl a champion!!!

Congratulations to Cheatoes again!!
On April 7th in Columbiana, AL Salem Moon's Cheatoes took Best of Winners for another 3 point major!! Under Judge Mr Robert J Shreve and again with handler Jennifer Bittner!! Congrats!!

Congratulations Cheatoes again!!
On April 6th in Columbiana Alabama under Judge Dr Steve Keating, Salem Moon Cheatoes Won WB, and went on to win Best of Breed for a 4 point major!! Jennifer Bittman handled her with style, and made her shine all the way to the finish line!! Thankyou Jennifer and Dr Steve Keating!!

Congratulations Cheatoes!!
On April 5th, 2013 Salem Moon's Cheatoes took WB for a 3 point major under Judge Mrs Carolyn A Herbel and with Jennifer Bittner at her lead, she took her first Major!!

Congratulations Whatever!!
On April 4th, 2013 in Columbiana Louisiana, our girl, Salem Moon's Whatever's Clever went to her first show ever and took a 3 point major under Judge Mrs Lenora M Riddle and with me as a handler! We are very excited for her first major point and on her first show ever!! Yea Whatever!!

Catching up
Have so much catching up to do.. it has been a very busy month for Salem Moon Mastiffs!!

Congratulations Kumormai Kennels!
Congrations on your exceptional win of Best in Show at the Mastiff Association UK by our Max's Father, Westgort Innovation by Kumormai! It is not an easy thing to win a Best in Show and you did this with ease... Again.. Congratulations from the USA!

Congratulations Venus
On Saturday, June 2nd, 2012... Manny's mother Venus-Beaute Brullemail won her class in MCOA's Nationals!! at nearly 9 year old! Congratulations to her owners Svetlana and Olesya of Mastiff Hills and Breeder Bernanrd of Brullemail. A beautiful girl.. it has been a pleasure having her here.

Congratulations Venus Beaute Brullemail
Today in Bloomington IL, Venus Beaute Brullemail of Mastiff Hills won WB! We are so very proud of her, and her handler Courtney Thompson. Thankyou Mastiff Hills for letting her stay here. She will be at the specialty next week.. we wish her luck!!

Euro Dog show 2011
On September 3rd, 2011, the Euro dog show was also held in the Netherlands! Under Judge Pieter Roosenboom (BE), Barnaby Brullemail (our Shamu's half Brother)took BOB! Congratulations to Brullemail Kennels on such an amazing accomplishment!

This month it's the Netherlands Nationals!
Smok'n Lad's Cool Breeze won the Nationals in the Netherlands!! Under judge Mr Jan Gajewski (PL) on September 2nd, 2011... our very own Sophi won BOS at the Nethernalds National Show. BOB went to Mastiff Hills Wall Arnold (uncle to Manny) and Mastiff Hills Ivana took best Junior (half sister to Zenit) We congratulate Platnikoff Kennels for their great victory, and Mastiff Hills for their amazing breeding, lovely win, and handling of Sophi!!

French Championship Sophi and Wall arnold again!
Wow!! On July 8th, 2011 Smok'n Lad's Cool Breeze of Salem Moon and Mastif Hills Wall arnold won the French championships!! Taking BOS and BOB respectively. :-) Awesome job!! We congratulate Mastiff Hills and are so very proud of our Sophi!!

Sophi and Arnold are the World Champions!!
Wow!! Yesterday, in Paris France at the World Dog Show, our very own Smokn lads cool breeze of Salem Moon (sophi) won BOS with 86 mastiffs entered! This gives her the esteemed title of female world champion... topped only by the lovely news of Mastiff Hills Wall Arnold taking BOB! He is now the standing world champion undefeated for 3 years in a row! Congratulations to Platnikof kennels for Arnold, and many thanks to Mastiff Hills for helping sooo much to make sure this could be the amazing day it was! As for Sophi! Wow! I believe she is only the second world champion ever from the USA in Mastiffs! Proceeded by Tonka who won the world championship in 1999 in Argentina. She was produced by the amazing patty Groppetti and owned by Dragonhall mastiffs!

Wall Arnold is father to one of our girls from Mastiff Hills, and uncle to Manny! Congrats to all!!! A very happy day!

Sophi is now a Champion of Russia!
Thankyou Mastiff Hills for your exceptional care of our Sophi, and for allowing her to show off a bit in Russia!

Dog Show RFOS CAC, Champion RKF, Moscow

On May 21st, under Judge Madzic, Refet/BA/, Smok'n Lad's Cool Breeze of Salem Moon received CW, CAC, Best of Breed, Ch Russia, Ch RKF! Well done Mastiff Hills and Sophi!!!

Sophi at Crufts!
Sophi has been excepted to compete at the biggest dog show in the world.. Crufts in England!

Sarah and Zenit are Expecting!
We are so excited to announce Sarah is confirmed to be carrying Zenit's puppies! This litter is much anticipated, and should be here early January...

Hey all!! Back from Russia! After many redirected flights, and two airlines with engine problems, crates that wouldn't fit planes..etc..lol. I am home! It was very nice to see Olesya and Tamara, and I thank Svetlana of Mastiff Hills for watching out for me and my many delayed flights! Next trip after the new year!

Congrats to Mastiff Hills Moody Blues,and Mastiff Hills Musical Mood
Congrats on your new championships! Both Mastiff Hills Moody Blues,and Mastiff hills Musical Mood on October 24th, 2010 became Yang Champions! This is litter-mate brother and sister to Manny...They are looking wonderful! Great job!

Congrats Mastiff Hills Wurrel Cross
On October 23, 2010; Mastiff Hills Wurrel Cross (our Manny's father) added a new title to his credit... He is now a champion of Germany.. This beautiful dog is a fine example of what a mastiff should look like, and we are so proud to have him in our pedigree as Manny's dad.

Watch for the very special pairing of our Sophi and Mastiff Hill's Wurrel Cross in the near future!

Congratulations to Mastineum Mastiffs of Poland!
ON July 21st 2010, Mastiff Hills Miracle (Lola) made her debut in Gdynia in the junior class, at 9 months old. "The judge was impressed with her . We got a win and we Chrapek Youth for another". This is such great work guys! I can't see what else you bring forth with this lucky lady! Miracle is littermate sister to our Manny.

It should also be noted that their Mastiff HIlls boy Casper, won Best of Breed!! Amazing accomplishments, this being his fourth best of breed win! We're cheering for you over here too!

Congratulations to Mastiff Hills Mary Poppins for Brullemail
Championnat De France SCC 2010 (French Championship Show)
July 11th, 2010 with 41 mastiffs
Mastiff Hills Mary Poppins for Brullemail
won 1st, Best puppy!
This is the littermate to our Manny (Mastiff Hills Main Winner of Salem Moon), and I can't wait to see her other victories! I am sure she will go far! Congratulations Brullemail on your win!

Dallas Tx
Thankyou Jill for bringing our boy Zen to the Dallas show this weekend, where he won his class twice! Good job! See you in Houston!!

Oklahoma City
What a great weekend! Sarge had his first show, and took first in his class each day attended...nice way to get your feet wet! lol. The king of the weekend was our Mastiff Hills Zenit, who placed every day! Starting with a bang with Best of Winners! Good job everyone! He is going to make us all proud!

Congrats to Salem Moon's Sergeant Radboy
Today in Oklahoma City Sarge had his first dog show! He placed first in his puppy class...Congrats Sarge~

Congrats to Mastiff Hills Zenit!
Today in Oklahoma City, Our loveable Mastiff Hills Zenit claimed Best of Winners under handler Jill Bell! He stands in Reserve for Best of Breed. Congratulations Zenit, thankyou Jill for great handling, and Mastiff Hills for this lovely boy!!!

Congrats Wiley Ways Conrad!
Congratulations on your win in 2010 World dog show, as Best Veteran Dog!! Wiley Ways is Grandfather to our Manny, and a great looking boy...even as an old man! Very proud boy, our Manny is, with all these great relatives!

Congrats Mastiff Hills Wall Arnold!!
The World Dog show 2010 in Denmark named Mastiff Hills Wall Arnold Best of Breed, leaving him a world winner for the second year in a row! As everyone knows, Wall Arnold is the litter mate to Manny's Daddy...Thanks again Mastiff Hills for this amazing breeding that produced so many wonderful dogs!

Mastif Hills Wall Arnold does it again!
On May 23rd 2010, Mastif Hills Wall Arnold won Best In Special Show held in Riga Latvia. Wall Arnold is litter mate to Mastif Hills Wurrel Cross, Our Manny's father. What a beautiful boy!

Sophie is a Champion!
This week at the show in Tulsa, OK our Sophie became an AKC champion winning BOB!!! We are very proud of her!
Encore won her class both days and went reserve. Good job guys! Look for Zenit with his new handler in Oklahoma City, OK! We expect great things from him!

Sorry so late
Carlo Magno of Del fracasso Mastiffs did it again! He won Best of Breed at the Italian mastiff club! He is the most successful dog ever produced in Italy!! And one of my personal favorites! Good job guys!

Yea Sophie and Encore!!
On may 22nd, in Garner, KS, Our Sophie was the reserve winner, and Our Encore got the blue ribbon in her class.

On May 23rd, in Garner, KS, This was sophies proud day, she took Best of Breed, all owner handled. Good job Sophie!! Encore got the blue ribbon in her class again...good job girls!

Congratulations Mastiff Hills Zarra
On April 24th, 2010 at the International Show CACIB in Poland Opole, Mastiff Hills Zarra CW, CAC, R.CACIB, CH POLAND! Really nice work! Littermate sister to Mastiff Hills Zenit.

Congratulations Mastiff Hills Miracle!
On May 9th, 2010, during the XIII National Dog Show (CAC) Dobre Miasto, Poland, Mastiff Hills Miracle won Best Puppy and BIS! This is a great victory, and very nice breeding by Mastiff Hills. Miracle now lives in Poland with Mastineum Kennels, they are doing her proud! She is a sibling of our Mastiff Hills Main Winner! congrats Mastineum Kennels on your great victory~

Congrats to Platnikoff Mastiffs and Mastiff Hills!
March 27th, 28th, 2010. International Show "EURASIA 2010", Moscow (Russia).

During the International show of CACIB rank in Moscow (Russia)

Elizabeth Slnko Zemplina (Liza) won - excellent, CW, CAC, Champion of Russia!

Mastif Hill Wall Arnold won- excellent, R.CACIB!

Congrats to Mastiff Hills!
On April 25th, 2010 at the Special Show for group II in Riga (Latvia) Mastiff Hill Wall Arnold (full brother to Mastiff Hills Wurrel Cross) took excellent, CQ, BOB, BIS-1! Under Judge Ligita Zake (Latvia) Congratulations!!!

International Championship
Congrats to our good friends at Shadow hills for their new International Champion Bellagio!! Bellagio is the grandfather to our ShadowHills Standing Ovation of Salem Moon....aka, Encore.

Here is the updates for the recent activities here at Salem Moon Mastiffs

Sophie has been doing very well in the show ring, needing only 2 more points to receive her AKC Champion title! She took Best of Winners in Tuscon against several known champions in March, April we were at the Bakersfield show, where she Placed every day shown! Her highlight was on the second day when she won Winners Bitch! We are very proud of her! She has shows in KS and OK at the end of May.

Shamu did very well in Bakersfield winning winners dog! He went on in April to compete for his International Championship, where he took Winners Dog. He is now an international CH!

Encore had her first showing at the same Bakersfield show, and placed second in puppy class, her littermate sister placing first! Congrats Aria! Amanda, and her husband Manuel showed 4 dogs at that show, and every one of the dogs placed! They were inspiring!

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